Nature’s Ocean Base Rock 40LB



Nature’s Ocean® Base Rock is 100% premium all natural aragonite rock covered with naturally formed holes and crevices which makes for some very interesting and unique shapes and is easy to stack when creating a base for growing live coral or as an addition to existing coral-based ecosystems. This porous characteristic provides a natural biological filter as well as a perfect environment for denitrifying marine bacteria to grow and flourish, which effectively reduces nitrates in your tank.


Nature’s Ocean® Base Rock for culturing live rocks is the logical choice for aquarium hobbyists, whether you are in the business of coral farming or aquascaping, creating the optimal natural environment is key to growing and maintaining healthy corals. Nature’s Ocean® Base Rock is deepwater soaked to prevent leeching and then cleaned and cured by a specific drying process to create an inert or “dead” rock free from organics with the exception of naturally occurring dust during transportation. Nature’s Ocean® Coral Base Rock is 100% adaptable to existing systems because it is inert and WILL NOT cycle your tank. Another great benefit of dry or inert aragonite base rock is that it HAS NO BIOFILM, which tends to repel new cuttings and discourage algae reproduction.
Nature’s Ocean® Base Rock is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 4 inches up to 8 inches, which can be arranged in a variety of aquarium decorations After a relatively short period of time, Nature’s Ocean® Base Rock will begin to recruit life forms from existing live coral or live sand. You will begin to see a variety of marine life including Coralline and different invertebrates begin to colonize and reproduce on and within the rock.

Culturing Live RocksBase Rock
Rapidly adapts to live environmentBase Rock
Naturally porous Biological FilterBase Rock
Soaked in deep water well to prevent leechingBase Rock
Perfect for aquascapingBase Rock
Growing Live Coral
Base Rock
Perfect for Coral FarmingBase Rock
Free of BiofilmBase Rock
Aquarium DecorationsBase Rock
Conserves Natural ReefsBase Rock
Will not affect the cycling of your tank


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